Welcome To India’s Leading LED Product Manufacturer in India

Ad Marketing solutions was established in 2015 and is emerging name in “Affordable & Durable’’ marketing, manufacturing (Lighting & Aluminium households), marketing service providers, Brand slogan ideas, e-commerce and other branding related activities .

In today’s environment where everything is on IT enablement, glamorous and eye catching platform, every individual or organization has to adopt the visual effect side of marketing for their products.

Our Mission

We exist to provide customers “Affordable and Durable’’ product and solutions from our basket.

Our Vision

To provide everyone “affordable & durable” manufacturing and marketing solutions.

Make in India

Manufactured in India following highest quality standards


Do not harm the environment or upset the ecological balance

Energy Saving

Deliver most energy efficient LED lighting products

Quality Check

Quality is most important to us we deliver our products at high quality


Every LED Product has been designed with precision to deliver most effective lighting solution! Being one of the leading LED lighting product manufacturing companies in India, our diverse range also includes LED panel Lights, LED Street Lights etc.

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